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Statipedia - a platform for collaboration across statistical agencies & staff

  • helps work around tools constraints, knowledge constraints, "stovepiping", and some duplications, inefficiencies and mistakes
  • really low cost
  • analogous to existing Intellipedia, Bureaupedia, Diplopedia, Techipedia

I'm interested in your advice on

  • Who might contribute a lot -- we may be able to include them
  • Mistakes we might make
  • I'll tune in at the "Mediawiki at work" panel


Tools and workspaces for statistical staff across agencies

  • With source material for economists and statisticians
  • Available to new employees at some point -- makes fast training/acclimation easier
  • Mediawiki software hosted at EPA + more tools on platform, eventually.
  • On wiki, variation from wikipedia includes:
    • original research is welcome
    • neutrality is not needed
    • need to avoid/prohibit obscenity, nastiness, pornography, improperly released information and chatter about govt policy.
    • Not for general public
    • This is likely to generate some content that is suitable for wikipedia (high quality, clearly written, of general interest)
      • many good wikipedians potentially
  • we need a source code control system shared among the agencies -- a wiki leads the charge

Examples of Statipedia uses

Technical information and discussion about:

  • Joint repository of definitions of government/statistical terms (like wikipedia)
    • Classification for [Background on Occupation classifications | occupations], industries, product, disease, and other classifications ; harmonization techniques for data in different classifications.
    • Techniques of seasonal adjustment for time series
    • Systemic risks -- a general hot topic, where statisticians seem not to have contributed much
    • Estimation techniques (censored data, Monte Carlo, spatial data analysis) and code to implement them
    • Source code examples/snippets -- Stata code example
  • develop joint bibliographies of useful sources ; links to academic sources from which govt derived/used methods
  • Official documentation, brought more to life with hyperlinks, live bibliographies, footnotes, updates -- example from US BLS Handbook of Methods
  • Administrative info too -- official guidelines and how to meet the criteria
  • user pages
  • user groups -- will help them form within govt
  • need to bring in fuller source code version control system when possible


  • Barry D. Nussbaum (Chief Statistician, Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Peter B. Meyer (Office of Productivity, Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • James A. Buszuwski (Office of Compensation and Working Conditions, Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Michael J. Messner (Office of Water, Environmental Protection Agency (Wiki Page))
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