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With this list we're not setting a specific bar, but rather illustrating the kinds of things we can report on after a year. We do not prejudge what our managers want to do at that time.

  1. a dozen active contributors;
  2. 100 logins to interested readers (see "user statistics" under Statistics)
  3. 1000 plainly useful pages (meaning a user could demo them and it would be clear to a member of our community why the page is useful) (see "Content Pages, on Statistics Page)
  4. At least 98% of useful pages are categorized List of Uncategorized Pages
  5. At least 50,000 page views (see Statistics)
  6. no coercion or extraordinary inducements
  7. high morale
  8. low levels of conflict (taking as given that this is a system for CHANNELING conflict constructively)
  9. near-zero expenses
  10. effective process for extending and using functionality (add-ons)
  11. no rule-breaking (e.g. inappropriate content online ; sharing of a login id)
  12. it was useful to somebody – e.g. we get a fan letter from a new person
  13. new users do not need to invest a lot to use it (training is effective, or not needed) (goal: easy to learn & easy to use)
  14. works adequately with existing systems (interoperability)
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