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This is an informal test wiki page for notes by participants in a potential Society of Government Economists working group.

Who we are and what we do

  • Peter B Meyer, at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (meyer.peter at studies (1) open-source processes and technologies and this includes the history of the invention of the airplane; (2) the idea of a common platform of software tools and workspaces for U.S. government statisticians, economists, and scientists (see this Statipedia proposal); (3) careful occupation definition because effects on or within occupations are useful markers of technological change; (4) ways to make quicker estimates of the statistics needed for current productivity measurement.
  • Gerard A. Torres, at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO); (
    • Forecasting and analysis of agency revenue and workloads.
    • Calculate unit cost of USPTO services from general ledger.
    • Serve as analyst/advisor on USPTO‚Äôs fee rate setting team.
    • Provide financial assessment of agency business units including analysis of business risk.
    • Co-author and edit agency regulation in regard to financial policy.
    • Generate economic and statistical studies related to intellectual property with foreign intellectual property offices and OECD.
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