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Get an Account

NOTE: You are viewing the unofficial Statipedia wiki. Registration is required to view and edit the official wiki. (Prior to April 2012, registration was only available to U.S. federal government employees.)

To register,

  1. Go to and click on "Self-Register for the Statipedia Wiki via the EPA Portal"
  2. Fill out the form. Specify Michael Messner as your EPA Sponsor. Mike's email address is His phone number is 202-564-5268
  3. Enter and confirm a password in the appropriate fields. This password works for both the EPA extranet portal and for Statipedia which is one of many programs available there.
  4. On the last line there's a dropdown box to select what you are asking access to. Select "Statipedia Wiki".

In a day or two you'll receive an email from EPA's "Portal" saying that you have access to the Portal. Soon after that you will receive a “Welcome to Statipedia" message from Mike Messner. At that point you have access.

To get to Statipedia, visit this URL: and log in. You can always get a new password mailed to you by using the "Forgot your user-id or password" link at . You can bookmark the Statipedia wiki main page after a successful login.

If something above doesn’t seem to work right contact me ( again or Mike Messner at the email address above. If you'd like guidance on the wiki, phone me and I’ll walk you through what’s up there and how to edit it (which can be tricky if you haven’t done it before.) I’m very happy to talk about what’s up there, and how to make it useful.

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