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Obtaining and Installing Software


R Basics

Andrew Gelman's instructions:

From Gelman: "Go to the R webpage and follow the instructions to download and install it. (Click on CRAN, then pick a mirror site, then click for the precompiled Windows version, then click on "base", then click to download the latest .exe file.)"

Instructions are also at the R webpage:

Getting Started page @ the R Wiki!!!

Useful R Pagckages (making more functions and data available to R): Useful R Packages

Cheat Sheet: File:Short-refcard.pdf

R Help

Editor for R

Andrew Gelman has instructions at

Mike likes Tinn-R (one of the editors on Gelman's page). It has lots of controls, such as hot keys to send lines or blocks of code to R from the editor.


The BUGS Project:

From Gelman: Follow the instructions on the WinBugs webpage: download the WinBugs14.exe file, install WinBugs14, and register and install the key so you can use the full version of the program.

A nice paper on calling WinBUGS from R:

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