Local 12 resolution on open source software dated 29 July 2004

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It was passed in a meeting of AFGE Local 12 at the Department of Labor on July 29, 2004.

A resolution by Local 12 on open source software

Whereas open source software programs are those whose underlying source code is shared with others for their use and improvement;

Whereas government use of open source software gives employees additional opportunities to understand, participate in, and improve the software with which they work;

Whereas open source software is often less expensive to acquire and maintain than proprietary software;

Whereas software developed or improved by Department employees could be useful to the general public, thereby increasing public confidence in and recognition of the Department’s work;

Whereas government employees can receive prestige and peer recognition as individuals if software they develop or improve is made public;

Whereas open source software uses transparent data formats, thereby limiting the public sector’s dependence on private vendors;

Whereas the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and other forward-thinking governments officially encourage the use of open source software and public sector code-sharing in finding the best value solutions;

Resolved, that the membership of AFGE Local 12 calls upon the Department of Labor and its agencies to:

  • 1. use open source software approaches when writing new systems, or rewriting existing systems,
  • 2. consider open source possibilities when acquiring or relicensing software, and
  • 3. look for opportunities to make the source code of existing government-written software programs publicly available.
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