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The 2011 Joint Statistical Meetings will be held in Miami, Florida, July 30 through August 4.

In order to present a special session on Statipedia, we need to do some planning.

The submission period opens December 1 and closes February 4.

Call for Contributed Paper Sessions

The 2011 JSM will be held in Miami Beach, Florida, July 30 - August 4, at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

TOPIC-CONTRIBUTED PAPER SESSIONS: These sessions consist of a collection of contributed talks and discussions (if desired) that share a common topic. The sessions are 110 minutes in length. There must be five presentations (including discussants) of 20 minutes each, with 10 minutes at the end for floor discussion and concluding remarks by the session chair. There are three (3) format options for a Topic-Contributed paper session:

a) Five (5) papers

b) Four (4) papers and one (1) discussant

c) Three (3) papers and two (2) discussants

All speakers in a Topic-Contributed paper session MUST submit an abstract to the ASA office by February 1, 2011. On the abstract form, speakers should indicate that they are speaking in a Topic-Contributed session and give the name of the session organizer. In addition, speakers must submit a draft manuscript by May 11, 2011, or risk being removed from the program.

JSM 2011 Form for Contributed Session (to be completed by 2/4/2011)

As of 10/1/2010, the JSM Abstract Submission Guidelines page only has submission deadlines. Hopefully, they'll include forms and other info by the time the submission period opens (December 1).

Proposed Session Name(s) & Description(s)

Please edit this section to suggest session name(s) and brief description(s).

Indicate which ASA Section Section should host the session. Should it be the Section on Government Statistics?

Statipedia - A Platform for Collaboration Across Statistical Agencies

Sponsoring Section = Section on Government Statistics


  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears - the story of Peter and Jim's multi-year effort to get Statipedia started (Peter Meyer)
  • Highlights - some expected and unexpected Statipedia applications (James Buszuwski)
  • Wiki Stats - the numbers, showing how Statipedia has grown in its first year (Barry Nussbaum)
  • Maintaining Quality - Gardening and Watching the Wiki Grow (Mike Messner)
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