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Statipedia - a platform for collaboration across statistical agencies

Barry D. Nussbaum (Chief Statistician, Environmental Protection Agency)

Peter B. Meyer (Office of Productivity, Bureau of Labor Statistics)

James A. Buszuwski (Office of Compensation and Working Conditions, Bureau of Labor Statistics)

User:Mjmessner Michael J. Messner (Office of Water, Environmental Protectino Agency)

3:00 PM, September 15, 2010.

Location: ???


  • Tools and workspaces for statistical staff across agencies
    • With wource material for economists and statisticians
    • Available to new employees
    • Not for general public
  • Wiki as Web tool
    • MediaWiki software (same as used by Wikipedia) hosted by EPA
    • Virtually zero cost to maintain the software
    • No special software beyond web browser is needed by user
    • Version control system
    • Search engine
    • Security includes user login, version control, rollback capability, user-blocking (when needed)


Peter - bring in material from your slides 3 & 4

Examples of Statipedia Uses

  • Repository for definitions
  • Technical information
    • Seasonal adjustment
    • Occupation and industry classification
    • "Systemic risks"
    • Disease Mapping
    • Spatial data analysis
    • Methods for censored data
    • Markov Chain Monte Carlo
  • Agency-Specific Guidance
  • Personal Pages
    • Those willing to network and share expertise can build their own user pages, including keywords for areas of technical expertise.
    • Anyone needing help in a techincal area can esaily find it in their own agency or in other agencies
  • Software Pages
    • Standard format for the home pages of software package/system/program.
    • Include links to online resources.
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