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* Miscellaneous (anything that can help us work more effectively, for example,
* Miscellaneous (anything that can help us work more effectively, for example,
**[[Eliminate_E-mail_Attachments | reducing E-mail attachments]] and  
**[[Eliminate_E-mail_Attachments | reducing E-mail attachments]] and  
**[[JSM_2011_Session_on_Statipedia | Planning a JSM 2011 Session on Statipedia]]
== <span style="color: #008080">'''Wiki practices and successes'''</span>==
== <span style="color: #008080">'''Wiki practices and successes'''</span>==

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Statipedia - a platform for collaboration across statistical agencies.

Presentation for Interagency Council on Statistical Policy, 3PM, Wednesday, September 15, 2010, at BLS conference center.

  • Barry D. Nussbaum (Chief Statistician, Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Peter B. Meyer (Office of Productivity, Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • James A. Buszuwski (Office of Compensation and Working Conditions, Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Michael J. Messner (Office of Water, Environmental Protection Agency (Wiki Page))


  • Tools and workspaces for statistical staff across agencies
    • With source material for economists and statisticians
    • Not for general public; not for sensitive materials
    • Eventually: Available to new employees; Version control system; Search engine; Statistical software; and more
  • To start with: a wiki -- our pilot project
    • Virtually zero cost to maintain the software (MediaWiki software, same as used by Wikipedia) hosted by EPA
    • Users don't need special software, just web browser
    • Security includes user registration and login, version control, rollback capability, user-blocking (if needed)

Examples of Statipedia Uses

Wiki practices and successes

We learned from and can copy other systems

  • can copy norms, rules, templates, extensions, bots from wikipedia, potentially from Intellipedia, Diplopedia, Bureaupedia, Techipedia, MAX, Eurostat, and OECD

We are proposing a platform which is:

  • scientific ; global ; standard; high-morale ; meets all the technical standards; scalable; cheap now and forever; open-source; the right one scientifically ; the standard in our businesses of science and government ; could be swept naturally into SCOP when the time is right

Next Steps

  1. Activate Statipedia on EPA-Extranet
  2. Convene core group of 6-10 statisticians & economists @ "Barn_Raising"
  3. Build the wiki with core group over 2-month period
  4. Add registered users and continue to build the wiki for additional 4 months
  5. Roll out the wiki at ??? meeting, invite gov't wide participation
  6. Success criteria for a Statipedia pilot project
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