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What should we show on Statipedia, as examples of how it would be useful?

  • Repository of definitions: [Glossary of government statistical methodology | first draft]
  • Seasonal adjustment methods -- [Notes regarding seasonal adjustment | training page], and maybe also development page
  • An example of joint work, coauthored by two people -- maybe this page and its history
    • point out that using the history one could find the sources of a problematic text and roll it back
  • [Background on Occupation classifications | Occupation classifications]
    • source code assigning one such classification
    • Translation and harmonization of data series is a general issue for the agencies
  • How to measure and reduce systemic risks? -- hot issue which may be good or bad for the presentation
  • agency page/categories, and a user pages
  • search engine!
  • chapter from [US BLS Handbook of Methods chapter 15 on international price indexes | BLS Handbook of Methods]
  • [International Prices bibliography | lively topic-specific bibliography]
  • something on survey methods?
  • sample code from Stata, R, python, and/or LaTeX -- easiy reusable non-secret stuff
  • product evaluations/discussions? E.g., should we buy an XYZ? Anybody used "Gauss", that sort of thing?


Wikimedia NYC 2010 presentation on Statipedia

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